Rex Specs

Goggles For Dogs – V2

Protecting Your Dog’s Eyes from Impact and Debris
Rex Specs | How To Measure
X-Small Less than 10.5 Inch Less than 6 Inch
Small 10.5 Inch to 12 Inch 6 Inch to 8 Inch
Small Wide* 12 Inch to 15 Inch 6 Inch to 9 Inch
Medium 12 Inch to 14 Inch 8 Inch to 9 Inch
Large 14 Inch to 17.5 Inch 9 Inch to 11.5 Inch
X- Large More than 17.5 Inch More than 11.5 Inch

*Designed for dogs with a wide, flat face i.e. Boston Terriers.
If your dog is between sizes, select the larger size: This will ensure the most functional fit and optimal field of view.