BuddyRider bike seat for dogs

With BuddyRider, your dog sits in a comfortable, secured position between your bike’s seat and handlebars – making the riding experience more enjoyable for both buddy and rider with our dog bike carrier!
Will my dog fit a BuddyRider?

Will my Dog fit into BuddyRider?

The BuddyRider, dog bike carrier, is designed for dogs between 2.75kg (6lbs) and 11.34kg (25lbs) with as much flexiblity as possible. Dogs, like humans, come in all different shapes and sizes, because of this some dogs will fit better than others. The combination of the weight range, interior BuddyRider dimensions and the collar size will help you make a decision whether your buddy is likely to fit.

BuddyRider Interior Dimensions

BuddyRider interior dimensions

The BuddyRider seat is 30.48cm (12″) long x 15.24cm (6.5″) wide x 24.13cm (9.5″) tall. It was originally designed with a Parsons Terrier in mind, but is flexible to fit a range of small dogs.
BuddyRider Collar Size

BuddyRider collar sizing

The BuddyRider collar can be adjusted from 35.5cm-39.4cm (14″-15.5”) in diameter. Be sure to measure your dog’s neck to ensure it will fit.
BuddyRider Buddybooster Cushion

Have a smaller dog?

For smaller buddies up to 6kg (13lbs), we recommend a Buddybooster Cushion Insert to keep your dog feeling secure, cozy and comfortable in their seat.